Spinach production is underway in the Salinas Valley, with a field in Soledad being planted.
Photo/Richard Green
Rod Braga, president and CEO of Braga Fresh Family Farms, left, and Nick Trebino, the company’s vice president of farming, check on a crop of organic spinach.
Photo/Richard Green
Spinach growers see increased demand
The popularity of packaged salads has fueled increasing demand for organic spinach, but the success of the product has come with growing pains—namely, a fungal disease so widespread and destructive that it threatens the viability of the crop. Read more...

Groundwater agencies begin to take shape
With a June 30 deadline approaching, agencies, farmers and others in affected California groundwater basins are working to finalize the formation of locally controlled groundwater sustainability agencies. Read more...

CFBF: Revised pesticide rule still not necessary
The quarter-mile buffer zone is still in, but the 48-hour notice is out: Those are two main features of the Department of Pesticide Regulation's revised proposal to limit pesticide applications near schools and licensed child-care centers. Read more...

Commentary: Why it’s important to celebrate Ag Day every day
If you ask students where their food comes from, many will say, "From the grocery store." Frankly, that concerns me. Far too many people are unaware of the role of California agriculture in their daily lives and what it takes to have food on their dinner tables. Read more...

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