Almonds are shaken loose from a tree in one of Stewart & Jasper’s orchards near Newman last week. Some Central Valley almond farmers began harvesting this year’s crop last week, although it’s too early to know how good the yields will be. Ray Henriques, manager for Stewart & Jasper, says he thinks production will be up 3 to 5 percent from last year.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Ray Henriques says harvest is running about seven to 10 days behind this time last year, but he sees no significant insect or disease pressures, or any problems stemming from this summer’s heat waves.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
A sweeper makes its way through one of Stewart & Jasper’s almond orchards near Newman.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Almond harvest shakes into high gear
There's a whole lotta shakin' going on in the Central Valley, as orchard crews knock the first of a projected 2.25 billion meat pounds' worth of almonds out of their trees. Read more...

Update: Landowner settles wetlands case
Landowner John Duarte, who had been accused of federal wetlands violations after plowing a Tehama County wheat field, settled the government's Clean Water Act case against him Tuesday, just before the penalty phase of his trial was to begin. Read more...

Commentary: Farmers can influence coming tax-reform debate
In what could be the broadest change since 1986, congressional Republicans and President Trump are planning to reform the federal tax code. We can anticipate the next few months to be filled with tax-reform negotiations, and Farm Bureau will be there to promote and advocate for meaningful reform. Read more...

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