Steve Dutton, president of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, looks over damage to a vineyard he manages in Santa Rosa. To the south of the vineyard is the Coffey Park neighborhood, which fell victim to the fast-moving Tubbs Fire a week ago. The fire singed the leaves on a small portion of the vines, and Dutton says he thinks they’ll be able to produce a crop next year. Grapes were harvested about a week before the fire.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
The fires in Napa County destroyed a dairy, while leaving a trail of destruction through one of the state’s premier wine regions. In Mendocino County, wildfires burned near the towns of Redwood Valley and Potter Valley.
Photo/Andrew Lincoln
In Mendocino County, wildfires burned near the towns of Redwood Valley and Potter Valley. A helicopter drops water near a ranch on the northern side of Potter Valley.
Photo/Misty Allenbaugh
Farmers in wildfire zones assess impact
As firefighters worked to gain ground on wildfires ravaging several Northern California counties, farmers and ranchers began, as one put it, "to take inventory and figure out what we can do." Read more...

CFBF survey: Lack of employees hampers farms across the state
Across California, farmers and ranchers face chronic problems in finding and hiring qualified and willing people to work in agriculture, according to a survey conducted by the California Farm Bureau Federation. Read more...

Board’s proposed water plan brings statewide impact
In a proposal that would set precedents for other water-quality programs in California, the State Water Resources Control Board has released a revised draft order for the East San Joaquin River watershed that farmers and their representatives find problematic. Farm groups said the proposal discounts progress farmers have made in protecting water quality and would add layers of reporting that would complicate their efforts at additional environmental protection. Read more...

CFBF President's Message: It’s time—past time—to fix our broken immigration system
During the last few months, we have certainly seen some unbelievable occurrences throughout the United States, from flooding in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico to wildfires throughout the West, capped by the rampant fires we have seen devastate our North Coast region and other parts of California. Farmers and ranchers have shown their resiliency by adapting to and recovering from challenges like these for years, and once again they will rise from the floodplains and from the ashes and build successful businesses. That's just in their DNA and their make-up. Read more...

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