Bill Green, education manager of the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program at Fresno State University, demonstrates ways to monitor irrigation pumps for maximum efficiency at the school's Water, Energy and Technology Center. Research-and-development projects at the center are among ongoing work to enhance efficiency and use of renewable energy in agriculture.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Kaomine Vang powers up an irrigation pump at a Fresno State laboratory where new energy-efficient systems are tested and evaluated.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Renewable-energy mandate will raise costs
Updated renewable-energy mandates from the state of California will likely affect energy rates for farmers and ranchers--and add impetus to researchers' studies of further renewable-energy use in agriculture. Read more...

Congress plans to finalize farm bill by end of the year
Now that the existing federal farm bill has expired, what does that mean for farmers, ranchers, marketers and consumers? The short answer: It depends on the funding status for each program included in the bill. Read more...

Trade agreement would aid exports to key markets
With impacts of ongoing trade disputes continuing to reverberate, California farmers and ranchers welcomed news that the U.S. has reached a deal with its two closest trading neighbors, revising the North American Free Trade Agreement, now called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Read more...

Commentary: Johansson: ESA must work better for species, people
In California, battles over everything from spotted owls to delta smelt have reshaped rural communities and, sadly, have created tremendous conflict--all this with little to show in improvements for protected species. Read more...

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