More than 11,000 acre-feet of excess flows from Cache Creek were diverted during late winter storms into the Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District’s earthen canal system to allow it to seep into groundwater.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Yolo County farmer Blake Harlan called the effort crucial for continued farming in the area.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Chris Scheuring, CFBF environmental attorney, center, and Mary-Ann Warmerdam of Rural County Representatives of California, right, discuss Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District’s groundwater recharge project with Max Stevenson, the district’s assistant manager.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Groundwater recharge projects to benefit farms and fish
Increased reliance on groundwater for crops and homes, along with new state regulations to manage the resource, are prompting creative approaches to ensure groundwater supply reliability and improve environmental conditions in the future. Read more...

Outlook bright for table grape growers in 2016
Weather permitting, California table grape production could reach a new record this year, thanks to newer plantings coming online and more productive varieties, with growers continuing to see higher prices for their crop. Read more...

Commentary: International trade pacts mean more U.S. ag dollars
Farmers and ranchers know a good deal. We know how to make every dollar count, down to the penny. That's why Farm Bureau wasted no time in looking at what the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would mean in dollars and cents on farms and ranches across America. Read more...

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