Betty Hurley Lindeman, Panoche Drainage District treatment plant coordinator, works with researchers and engineers to help integrate new water treatment technology into a cohesive pilot project aimed at reclaiming agricultural drain water for reuse on crops.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Convex mirrors concentrate sunlight to evaporate drain water and separate salts and other minerals.
WaterFX chairman and founder Aaron Mandell, right, says the zero discharge desalination system being tested at Panoche Drainage District near Firebaugh has lower brine disposal costs and higher fresh-water yields than conventional seawater systems.
Pilot project turns drain water into fresh
In the San Joaquin Valley, where water is increasingly precious, technologies are turning irrigation drain water into fresh water that can be reused on crops. Read more...

Cuts to Shasta releases create new uncertainty
A water temperature miscalculation at Shasta Dam could send water transfer agreements worth millions of dollars toppling like dominoes from one end of the state to the other. Read more...

Commentary: Clean Water Act threatens private property rights
As farmers and ranchers, we are stewards of the land and depend on it along with clean water. Now imagine if both of these resources are severely regulated by the federal government to the point where farming is not economically viable. Unfortunately, this is now a reality with the recent redefinition of "waters of the U.S." under the Clean Water Act. Read more...

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