Beekeeper Orin Johnson of Hughson talks to neighboring almond grower Eric Genzoli about best management practices for honeybees newly released by the Almond Board of California.
Photo/Christine Souza
Stanislaus County farmer Eric Genzoli of Genzoli Almond Farms, above left with beekeeper Orin Johnson, says he maintains a good relationship with beekeepers who provide his pollination services.
Photo/Christine Souza
‘Best practices’ for almonds aim to protect bees
In preparation for pollination that attracts an estimated 1.6 million honeybee colonies to California almond orchards each year, the Almond Board of California has unveiled a set of bee "best management practices" as a guide intended to improve honeybee health. Read more...

Project begins to tackle clearing of Salinas River
After years spent navigating a thicket of regulations, farmers have begun clearing invasive plants and native overgrowth along the Salinas River. Work began last week on a pilot project to clear about 11 miles of secondary channel between Chualar and Gonzales. Read more...

Tomato growers say 2014 crop will reach estimate
An overall good growing season and warm, dry weather this fall have allowed California processing tomato growers to be right on target for a record crop this year. Read more...

Commentary: A long road brought us to Proposition 1 water bond
On Nov. 4, California voters will have the chance to vote in favor of Proposition 1, the water bond measure—and we know many people look forward to that opportunity. It is an opportunity that has been a long time coming and one that resulted from a very long effort managed by committed stakeholders, including Farm Bureau. The road has had many twists and turns, but in the end it has all been very much worth the investment in human and financial resources to bring the bond measure to the ballot. Read more...

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