Despite a wet year and plentiful grasses for grazing cattle, California ranchers such as Myron Openshaw of Oroville say they are not in a hurry to expand their herds. With more feed on pastures, some are trying to rebuild after being forced to reduce cattle numbers during the drought.
Photo/Ching Lee
Record rainfall this season has been good for grass growth, but ranchers say too much rain can weaken nutrients in the feed, affecting cattle weight.
Photo/Ching Lee
Amid greener pastures, ranchers stay cautious
Record rainfall this season has brought abundant grasses for grazing cattle, but some California ranchers say they remain cautious about increasing their herds, awaiting better market prices and another healthy water year. Read more...

Avocado crop will be smaller, growers confirm
Those planning Cinco de Mayo parties might want to boost their guacamole budgets: Last fall, California avocado growers foresaw lower volumes for this year, and so far those predictions are bearing fruit. Read more...

Commentary: Program works to expand impact of CA GROWN
California Grown started the buy-local movement 15 years ago. At that time, imported products encroached on our markets, farmers were barely profitable, regulatory pressures continued to grow and our own neighborhood markets were buying and selling products grown elsewhere. Read more...

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