Brad Graevs of the Plumas Underburn Cooperative uses a drip torch to set fire to vegetation in Humboldt County as part of a controlled fire in June organized by the Humboldt County Prescribed Fire Association.
Photo/Lenya Quinn-Davidson
Humboldt County rancher Jake Moore sets a prescribed fire as part of the Humboldt County Prescribed Burn Association.
Photo/Lenya Quinn-Davidson
Use of prescribed burns gains momentum
Deadly and destructive California wildfires have fueled growing interest in bringing back an age-old practice ecological experts say could help prevent future fires and restore the health of the landscape: prescribed burning. Read more...

Dogs find signs of HLB bacteria in citrus groves
Using detector dogs as an early-warning system for a deadly citrus disease, Ventura County farmers have begun removing more than 200 trees after the dogs alerted them to the presence of the bacteria that cause the disease. Read more...

Commentary: Collaborative effort helps people learn about food
If you have been to a McDonald's restaurant recently in parts of California and Nevada, you may have noticed one of the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom's most recent collaborative projects. Currently available at McDonald's restaurants from Fresno to Chico to Reno is a "Where Your Food Grows" tray liner. Read more...

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