Farmer Gary Darpinian, above, standing near a Modesto Irrigation District canal, says he is concerned water-flow requirements contained in a new draft proposal by the State Water Resources Control Board could dramatically influence how much water he will have to irrigate his farm. He grows cling peaches, almonds and walnuts near Modesto.
Photo/Christine Souza
A Modesto Irrigation District canal, above, provides water collected in Don Pedro Reservoir on the Tuolumne River. A plan released by the State Water Resources Control Board last week proposes to leave more water in the Tuolumne and other tributaries to the lower San Joaquin River during periods the board considers key for “at-risk native fish species.”
Photo/Christine Souza
Farmers consider impacts of river plan
Affected irrigation districts, farmers and others have started poring over thousands of pages of documents that detail a state water board proposal to reserve more water for fish in the lower San Joaquin River watershed. Read more...

Experts interpret overtime bill’s effect on farms
Now that Gov. Brown has signed the agricultural overtime bill, Assembly Bill 1066, employment specialists are working to interpret its provisions and help farmers and ranchers to prepare for them. Read more...

Commentary: Real-world efforts hold hope for salmon, farmers
It's longstanding environmental orthodoxy: More water equals more fish. It drives water policy, up to and including the latest proposal by the State Water Resources Control Board to redirect more water from the lower San Joaquin River, as Ag Alert® reports this week. Read more...

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