Drought has created a “double whammy” of job loss and higher food prices for those who can least afford it, Kym Dildine, center, California Community Food Bank development director, told the media last week in Fresno.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Workers at Simonian Fruit Co. load donated boxes of almonds, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, on trucks bound for struggling food banks in 10 California cities.
Photo/Kate Campbell
Food donations underscore drought impact
Central Valley farmers and businesses donated and shipped about 30 tons of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts last week to help address food shortages at California food banks. A newly organized grassroots coalition, "California Water Feeds Our Communities," was joined by the California Community Food Bank, Westlands Water District, the California Water Alliance and El Agua Es Asunto De Todos to bring valley-grown produce to those in need across the state. Read more...

Opponents ask governor to veto groundwater bills
Farmers, ranchers, other water users and nearly three-dozen members of the state Legislature have urged Gov. Brown to veto a package of groundwater-regulation bills that reached his desk in the waning hours of the legislative session. Read more...

Labor-related legislation awaits governor’s action
An assortment of bills that could impact the state's agricultural employers has moved through the California Legislature, and must be signed or vetoed by Gov. Brown by the end of the month. Read more...

Commentary: Reporters discuss how, and why, they cover agriculture
As people have become more interested in the sources of their food, they have also become more interested in reading about where their food originates and about the people who produce it: That was the concept behind a seminar conducted in San Francisco last week titled "Journalism: The Agriculture Beat Resurgence." Read more...

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