Yolo County farmer Stan Lester checks on his Patterson apricots, still the dominant variety grown in the state. Growers are expected to begin harvesting Pattersons this week. Lester has finished harvest of earlier varieties Castlebrite and Robada.
Photo/Ching Lee
Apricot varieties Castlebrite and Robada.
Photo/Ching Lee
Apricot crop volume may exceed demand
With an estimated crop double the size of last year's, California apricot growers say some of their fruit will go unsold, as demand for the product continues to shrink and they remove more acreage. Read more...

State distributes grants to help implement SGMA
With some local agencies just months away from a deadline to complete groundwater management plans, local and state officials acknowledge there have been a few speed bumps in distributing grant funding for planning and implementation. But observers say they expect the grant process overall to benefit groups working to comply with provisions of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Read more...

Advice on wildfire preparation takes on new urgency
With summer beginning and concerns mounting about another awful wildfire year, authorities encourage Californians to be prepared. It's often familiar advice—but given with new urgency. Read more...

Commentary: Make rural residents’ voices count in redistricting
Every 10 years, after the federal census, California must redraw the boundaries of its congressional, state Senate, state Assembly and Board of Equalization districts to reflect population distribution. The importance of drawing fair districts that represent us equally cannot be overstated. Unlike most states, Californians have the ability to serve as commissioners during this process. Read more...

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