Cliff Beumet, left, vice president of Sierra Gold Nurseries in Yuba City, describes the process used in producing bare-root trees to participants in a tour of his facility that was part of the annual California Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference.
Photo/Steve Adler
Julianne Phillips of San Joaquin County, standing, and other Young Farmers and Ranchers members participate in a team-building exercise during the annual YF&R Leadership Conference in Sacramento.
Photo/Dave Kranz
Young farmers stress ‘taking a stand’
California's ongoing drought and dealing with onerous government regulations were the two main issues on the minds of attendees at last weekend's Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Conference in Sacramento. Read more...

Farmers describe impact of ‘zero’ CVP allocation
Facing another year with no surface water deliveries, farmers who buy water from the federal Central Valley Project expressed deep frustration with the lack of water supplies, and deep concern about what another year of water shortages will mean for their crops, employees and communities. Read more...

Commentary: UC Davis seeks practical solutions for water needs
After another winter of below-average precipitation, California's water situation is severe and the short-term outlook is dire. But our situation is not hopeless. The drought's clear and present danger to California's agriculture and economy provides a unique opportunity to improve our state's long-term water management through cooperation, shared vision and science-based solutions. Read more...

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