Michael Frantz looks over a stretch of the Tuolumne River bordering his nursery property in Stanlslaus County. Frantz, who serves on the boards of the Turlock Irrigation District and Stanislaus County Farm Bureau, says he is cautiously optimistic about Gov. Newsom’s framework for voluntary agreements. The new framework is an alternative to a flows-only approach to fish recovery taken by the State Water Resources Control Board.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Those who rely on the Tuolumne River, could be subject to the state water board’s bay-delta plan that requires increased flows for fish, unless a voluntary agreement is reached.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
‘Framework’ aims to aid water agreements
In the coming weeks and months, the Newsom administration, water users and conservation groups will continue to refine a framework for potential voluntary agreements intended to benefit salmon and other fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Gov. Gavin Newsom released the framework last week, which acts as the alternative to a state-mandated, flows-only approach that has brought opposition and lawsuits from water agencies and water users. Read more...

Virus outbreak in China affects trade missions
Concerns about the coronavirus outbreak in China have led some California farm groups to halt trade missions to the country while others brace for further market impacts from China's already-slowing economy. Read more...

Farmers discuss changes brought by technology
Agricultural technology, in the popular mind, often takes the form of mechanical harvesting machines or drones tracking soil moisture or water flow. Read more...

Commentary: Technology helps farmers achieve sustainability
As my dad climbs into the tractor this spring, he'll plug in his iPad, open an app and start planting. As the tractor rolls across the field, the screen on the iPad turns green with it. Read more...

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