The Sacramento River flows into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta near Walnut Grove. A judge’s ruling on water temperatures on the upper reaches of the river forestalled new supply cuts to water customers served by the federal Central Valley Project.
Photo/Christine Souza
The Delta Cross Channel gates, located near Walnut Grove, direct water from the Sacramento River through the delta to the Jones Pumping Plant.
Photo/Christine Souza
Ruling avoids additional CVP supply cuts
In the ongoing struggle over management of water supplies in the Sacramento-San Joaquin river system, farmers who rely on deliveries from the federal Central Valley Project have earned an initial victory from a federal judge, pending further legal action later this year. Read more...

Farmland values hinge on future water availability
Availability of water and the impact of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act continue to be a main focus when California agricultural appraisers determine land values, particularly in water-short regions. Read more...

Prescribed burns, cattle grazing aid in fire reduction
As catastrophic wildfires continue to plague California, renewed interest in and support for prescribed burning has made more funding available for groups to plan and carry out controlled fires to reduce fire hazards. Read more...

Commentary: Analysis shows flow of agricultural aid payments
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act provided $9.5 billion in funding to the office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture secretary to craft a financial support package for producers impacted by COVID-19-driven supply, demand and revenue disruptions. The agricultural aid represented approximately 0.48% of a package totaling nearly $2 trillion. Read more...

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