Dave Vierra looks over a pumpkin patch, among the last remaining fields awaiting harvest at his West Sacramento farm. Vierra says the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions on restaurants cut his sales to food-service customers to a fraction of what they were before, but in his case surging demand from retail customers has more than made up the difference.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
This lettuce field in Monterey County was struck with impatiens necrotic spot virus, contributing to a reduction in yields.
Photo/Courtesy of Markon
Produce markets retain sharp division
Seven months into the ongoing pandemic, farmer Dave Vierra of West Sacramento said he thinks a new normal has arrived. Read more...

Groundwater: Desert valley plan could price farms out of business
As local groundwater agencies throughout California consider how to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, two lawsuits against a Kern County groundwater sustainability agency show the potential implications for agriculture and other businesses with historic, overlying water rights. Read more...

President’s message: Vote no on Proposition 15
Farmers and ranchers take for granted the need to work hard all the way through the end of the season—and that's what we'll need to do to defeat the property tax increase on the November ballot, Proposition 15. Read more...

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