Allan Nishita, co-owner of Flora Fresh in Sacramento, looks over peach-blossom branches in one of his coolers. These branches would normally be used in decorative arrangements, but with events such as weddings being postponed or canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have dropped and Nishita has been scrambling to keep his wholesale company’s doors open.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Gerbera daisies from San Diego County await buyers at Flora Fresh, a Sacramento wholesaler. Co-owner Allan Nishita says his business has suffered a steep drop in sales.
Photo/Kevin Hecteman
Amid cancellations, flower sales plummet
The COVID-19 pandemic has not been kind to California flower growers. Read more...

Farms, facilities assure employee social distancing
Farmers and farm employees throughout California are keeping their distance even as they work to keep the nation fed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more...

Cattle markets react to public beef-buying wave
As shoppers stock their freezers and pantries in response to COVID-19, wholesale and retail beef prices have jumped, but uncertainty about the pandemic's long-term impacts on domestic and international demand has kept cattle markets floundering. Read more...

Commentary: Now is the time to comment on groundwater plans
Farmers across California have become very familiar with SGMA. To some, it is just an acronym but to others, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act can and will reshape how farming is carried out throughout the state. Now, farmers have the opportunity to continue shaping the first set of local groundwater sustainability plans created under SGMA. Read more...

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