Commentary: Flood Reaction

Issue Date: January 19, 2005

Farmers around the state have been feeling the impact of the series of storms that have swept across the state. Here are some of their comments:

"The Santa Clara River in Ventura County has broken out of its banks in quite a few areas. We've had a lot of trouble. Our levee broke in several places and flooded our groves, up to nearly five feet in some places."
Ed McFadden
Fillmore citrus grower

"The only thing different between Ventura and the other southern counties is that Ventura had a lot more flooded ground on the flood plain. But the damage to strawberries is almost the same anywhere you look."
Will Harrison
Orange County crop advisor

"Although the Imperial Valley wasn't slammed as hard as the southern coastal area, we did have high winds last week, over 50 miles per hour. Some trees fell over, but nothing major. The weatherman is calling for cool temperatures, but we should see some sunshine."
Mike Cox
Imperial Valley farmer

"Rain coming this time of year is normal and not critical to farming operations. But, it has been very wet, which makes it tough to get things into the ground."
Bob Martin
past president, Monterey County Farm Bureau

"The Sacramento River is up, but we're in good shape right now. Shasta is only releasing about 4,000 cubic feet per second, but taking in about 8,000 cfs. We haven't needed to start levee patrols yet."
Tom Ellis
Grimes alfalfa farmer

"The first few days of the storm were challenging but we're clearing things out. We used our 'Cat' so we can get in to feed the cows and we've had to chop ice so they can get to the water. But it's good."
Hannah Tangeman-Cheney
Susanville cattle rancher

"I'm hoping the worst of the storms are behind us. We haven't had any flooding along the Napa River and with all the water there's some good news?a lot of steelhead have been running up in our streams this year."
Sandy Elles
Napa County Farm Bureau executive director

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